NHS Frameworks

Framework Agreements for Voluntary Benefits

P&MM Employee Benefits has a choice of framework contracts in place that enable any NHS or local authority to access voluntary benefits and salary sacrifice schemes from our range of benefits without undertaking a costly or lengthy tender process.

As an NHS or public sector organisation, by using any of our framework agreements you can procure voluntary benefits from P&MM Employee Benefits very efficiently: Taking advantage of our buying power, knowledge and skills within the sector will ensure you get excellent value for money too.

ESPO Health
Trust Europe
Cheshire West & Chester
(Public sector contract)
Surrey County Council Kettering Hospital NOE CPC
Managed service Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Employee discounts Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Childcare vouchers Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Cycle-to-work Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Mobile phones Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Computers Tick Tick Tick Tick
Annual leave Tick Tick Tick Tick
Car parking Tick Tick Tick Tick
Car leasing Tick* Tick Tick
Personal learning Tick* Tick Tick Tick
Employee assistance Tick

*schemes only available via the managed service solution

Without a lengthy and costly tendering and procurement process, we can help you implement any, or all, of our voluntary benefits products quickly and hassle free; we will then start to engage with your employees straight away to help them reap immediate benefits.

Working with our Framework Agreements

As you know, a framework agreement is a contract which allows eligible public sector organisations to appoint a supplier without undertaking a separate tendering process. The government considers the use of framework agreements to be an example of best practice in public sector procurement.

Our framework agreements are subject to all the normal safeguards; as an NHS or public sector authority you are not committed to using the framework agreements and a contract would only be formed when you place an order with us for specific voluntary benefits.

Click on each framework supplier to display eligibility and contract details.

Framework Supplier
Health Trust
Framework Details


Eligible authorities:

  • Local Authorities
  • NHS Bodies
  • Police, Fire and Rescue
  • Educational establishments
  • Charities
  • Social housing associations

ESPO Contract Reference:

Contact Details
Kate Richardson
Tel: 0116 294 4075
Email Kate Richardson

Framework Details

HealthTrust Europe

Eligible authorities:

  • NHS organisations
  • Emergency services
  • Local authorities
  • Universities & colleges
  • Other: UK ministerial departments, registered charities, HM prison, MoD

OJEU Reference:
2013/S 234-406233

Contact Details
Rebecca Phillips
Tel: 07827 309479
Email Rebecca Phillips

Framework Details

North of England CPC

Eligible authorities:

  • NHS organisations (NOE CPC members)

OJEU Reference:
2013/S 019-028663

Contact Details
Alison Petrie
Tel: 0114 226 4577
Email Alison Petrie

Framework Details

Kettering Hospital

Eligible authorities:

  • NHS organisations
  • Local authorities

OJEU Reference:
2013/S 131-226758

Contact Details
Derek Handley
Tel: 01536 491523
Email Derek Handley

Framework Details

Cheshire West & Chester Council (public sector contract)

Eligible authorities (Cheshire):

  • NHS organisations
  • Emergency services
  • Local authorities (UK wide)
  • Universities & colleges
  • Other: Altogether Better Partners in NW England

OJEU Reference:
2013/S 233-404504

Contact Details
Jill Crockett
Tel: 01244 972068
Email Jill Crockett

Framework Details

Surrey County Council

Eligible authorities (SE7 region):

  • NHS organisations
  • Emergency services
  • Local authorities

OJEU Reference:
2012/S 221-364410

Contact Details
Julie Smyth
Tel: 0208 541 8554
Email Julie Smyth


Most employee benefits schemes grow organically: With this in mind, whilst each of our voluntary benefits is designed to be market leading and stand-alone; they all complement one another so we are able to offer you one, fully integrated employee benefits package.

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We understand that you might have your own requirements and preferences; we can customise our products and service level agreements to ensure that your needs are fully met. The use of a framework agreement will not restrict the employee benefits you select or the service we offer. Our framework contract with you will address all your requirements.

To find out how our framework agreements can deliver successful employee benefits in your organisation or to arrange a no-obligation presentation, please get in touch. Call us today on 0845 272 8713.

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