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Employee benefit schemes that help to protect your employees from stress are good for your employees and good for your business.

lifestylesupport provides everything you could ask for in an employee assistance programme:

  • employee support helpline
  • 24/7 access to work-life specialists
  • structured telephone counselling
  • unlimited issues resolved per year
  • structured face to face counselling
  • clear and easy-to-follow utilisation reports

lifestylesupport is an employee assistance programme (EAP) that offers confidential advice and support for each of your employees, no matter what challenge they are facing. By supporting total wellbeing you position your organisation as one that cares, in doing so you can reduce absenteeism and enhance the overall productivity of your work force.

lifestylesupport is an important EAP

According to the Labour Force Survey (LFS), an estimated 11.4 million working days are lost in Britain due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Perhaps more sobering is the realisation that the average cost of absence for each employee is £692* per year.

With lifestylesupport your employees are able to access professional counselling, in strict confidence, to help with major life issues including stress, debt and bereavement as well as lots of other information, advice and guidance.

Professional - the lifestylesupport service is strictly confidential no matter what the issue your employee faces. With no involvement from within your organisation the employee has a safe place to turn in complete confidence.

Immediate - employees have access to help whenever they want as often as they want; 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via the phone, via email or face to face.

Appropriate - depending on the issue your employee faces, counselling may be necessary. lifestylesupport will offer either telephone or face to face counselling without bias, ensuring the employee genuinely gets the help they need in the most appropriate way for them.

Commercial - for a relatively small investment, compared to the positive impact on your organisation that lifestylesupport delivers; you can add an employee benefit to your total benefits package that really matters.

Relevant - employee assistance programmes can suffer social stigmas if they just offer support on major life issues like stress, debt and bereavement. lifestylesupport overcomes this by also delivering a concierge service which can assist with ad hoc requirements; for example help to find an emergency plumber. This is an extremely important feature of lifestylesupport which helps deliver a more widely embraced employee benefit with increased usage.

*CIPD Annual Survey Report - Absence Management


Customisable, secure and user friendly employee website

With lifestylesupport you provide your employees a way to seek advice that suits their personal needs.

As well as being able to speak confidentially and directly to an employee counsellor over the telephone, lifestylesupport has a website that we customise to your corporate needs - whether that be a colour palette to suit your brand image or multilingual content to ensure the site can be used by a diverse workforce.


Range of promotional tools to ensure employees have easy access to information and contact details

Employee assistance programmes are most commonly used by employees at difficult times, so it is vitally important that they are able to access the help they need quickly and easily. We create promotional tools that ensure they can; this includes a wallet card they can keep with them all the time and posters to display around the work place as a continuous reminder of the benefit.


Fully integrated employer reporting and case management systems

Although there is evidence that clearly links employee assistance programmes with less absenteeism, measuring your return on investment is by no means an exact science; many factors can influence an individual's long term emotional state.

lifestylesupport places great emphasis on ensuring long term return on investment with case management systems to monitor employee satisfaction and reporting to allow you to monitor the overall usage and success of your scheme.

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Customisable, secure and user friendly employee website
Promotional tools to ensure employees have easy access to information and contact details
Fully integrated employer reporting and case management systems

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"I was highly stressed through various situations at work. I really don't know how I would have coped or come through it if it was not for my counsellor."

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