holidayplus is distinctive in its combination of a money saving initiative for your organisation and a 'good news' employee benefit scheme for your workforce.

holidayplus is an employee benefit scheme that allows employees to make an extra annual leave purchase. Your employees agree to sacrifice part of their salary in return for extra annual leave entitlement. This reduces your wage bill, saves you the full NI from this salary and gives the employee extra annual leave holiday with reduced net pay impact.

With many employees wanting more time off and many employers looking to reduce their wage bill, holidayplus offers the perfect solution. For example, one organisation with a holidayplus scheme has saved over £500,000 in wage costs in just one year.

holidayplus, the salary sacrifice that can make a difference

For organisations looking to reduce costs without damaging their reputation as a good employer, holidayplus can offer a solution; a major saving on salaries and the delivery of an extremely popular employee benefit to your workforce.

Giving your employees the chance to spend more time with their family, to travel, to get married or simply just to redecorate is a great way to boost morale and, as a result, improve productivity at work.

Savings - you can cut your salary bill substantially without compromising overall productivity: Recent studies suggest that an increase in annual leave allowance can reduce absenteeism and positively influence productivity.

Relevance - extra annual leave has wide appeal to every employee. In fact, the option of annual leave purchase will probably appeal to your entire workforce at some point in their career. For those that value additional holidays or time off with family this is an extremely powerful employee benefit.

Simplicity - holidayplus is a low cost, easy to implement annual leave purchase scheme with minimal administration for both you and your employees.

How holidayplus works

Employees can opt to take a salary sacrifice in exchange for extra days annual leave beyond their normal annual holiday entitlement.

Employees can spread the cost of these extra days by agreeing to a monthly deduction from their gross salary, thus reducing the immediate financial impact.

As the employer you save the amount of salary the employee has sacrificed plus the employer NI contributions on this amount.


Simple employer administration and reporting system

holidayplus has an easy to use administration and reporting system allowing you to easily and efficiently manage the running of the benefit scheme with the minimum of fuss.

This system offers comprehensive support to your team throughout the application process and has a simple reminder dashboard to prompt any outstanding actions.


Easy to use employee application website with full online support

The easy to use application website incorporates a list of common FAQs to fully support your employees through the process.

The intelligent system automatically demonstrates the financial implications of the annual leave purchase on the employee's overall pay.


High impact promotional tools to drive awareness and take up

The purchase of additional annual leave is a relatively new employee benefit; the success of a holidayplus scheme relies on employee awareness, simple demonstrations and clearly communicated benefits.

We work with you to provide promotional tools to communicate with your employees via the most appropriate channels within your organisation - ensuring your employees are able to take full advantage of this fantastic employee benefit.

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About holidayplus
Simple employer administration and reporting system
Easy to use employee application website with full online support
High impact promotional tools to drive awareness and take up

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