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ESPO Framework for Employee Benefits

P&MM Employee Benefits has been awarded a framework agreement which enables any eligible UK authority to access our employee benefits directly via ESPO:

  • Local authorities
  • NHS Bodies
  • Police, Fire and Rescue
  • Educational establishments
  • Charities
  • Social housing associations

Overview of ESPO framework agreement

P&MM Employee Benefits provides an adaptable range of employee discount and salary sacrifice products which are accessible via the ESPO framework. All benefits are created and managed in-house by P&MM via a single integrated platform.

The benefits which are available to you through the ESPO framework agreement include:

Through the ESPO framework agreement, P&MM can also provide you with a ‘Managed Service’ employee benefits solution:

About ESPO

The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (‘ESPO’) is a local authority purchasing and distribution consortium, jointly operated by the county councils of Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Warwickshire, and the unitary authority of Peterborough City Council (Member Authorities).

The framework (ESPO ref: 319-15) enables you to access the range of employee discount and salary sacrifice schemes from P&MM Employee Benefits. The use of the ESPO framework agreement will not restrict the employee benefits you select or the service we offer. Our framework with you will address all your requirements.

To find out more, call us today on 0845 272 8713.

Alternatively, you can get more information from ESPO:

Kate Richardson, tel: 0116 294 4075, email:

Local authority and NHS frameworks

P&MM Employee Benefits has a choice of framework agreements in place that enable any NHS or local authority to access voluntary benefits and salary sacrifice schemes from our range of benefits without undertaking a costly or lengthy tender process.

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Our ‘Managed Service’ solution is a fully integrated service which allows you to pick and choose which benefits to include in your range, and incorporates:

Scheme platform which consolidates all of your employee benefits in one web-based system

Employee telephone helpline for all benefits

Expert account management to support your team across all benefits activity

Comprehensive communication plan including all scheme promotional material

Specialist product management

Scheme materials (including hire agreements, online Basic Earnings Assessment, transfer of ownership processes)

Management information with expert insight and analysis from the scheme manager

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