Employee Engage App
Employee Engage App

Employee Engage App

360 engagement with your employees anytime, anywhere!

The Employee Engage App provides a truly connected employee engagement platform, combining internal communication, rewards, employee feedback and benefits in one easy-to-use app.

  • Connect with contacts database and social media
  • Push notifications
  • Gather feedback through staff surveys and suggestion box
  • Convey essential company information
  • Personnel and useful work tools
  • Learning and development
  • Employee benefits
  • Reward and Recognition

The Employee Engage App is currently a finalist for the best of use of technology at the Employee Engagement Awards.


Motivate, Reward and Engage

Employee communication needs to be clear, engaging and relevant in order to add real value to the employee experience. Combined with our award-winning range of benefits and engagement know-how, the Employee Engage App creates a powerful benefits proposition that integrates with internal communications to ensure your staff are engaged and understand how they fit into your organisation.

Simple and intuitive navigation - adaptable content menus provide your staff with quick access to the content they need most; from payslips and rotas to training manuals and mileage calculators.

Communicate - the easy-to-use, bespoke content management system helps you put important information at your employees’ fingertips and allows you to update staff in real-time using push notifications.

Motivate - seamless integration with your existing benefits platform lets staff make the most of their benefits package any time and in any place. Increase engagement by ensuring your employees know what's on offer and how to make the most of it.

Reward and Recognition - incentivise your employees and recognise their achievements when it matters most, with nomination schemes, incentives and rewards and competitions delivered straight into their pockets.


Employee Engage App

  • Comprehensive content management system
  • Your administrators can easily update areas within the app
  • Easy to manage new starters/leavers, news announcements, edit multiple pages
  • Push notifications are created and sent from the CMS
  • Varying levels of administrator access can be incorporated

Employee Engage App

Employee Engage App can incorporate your company’s specific employee content, including staff surveys, employee benefits, incentives, company handbooks, product manuals and so much more.

It is a power-packed tool that will ensure your company information is at your employees’ fingertips at all times.

About Employee Engage App
Robust Content Management System
The Ultimate Engagement & Communication tool

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"There is a great opportunity for employee engagement in the head office but the remoteness of the people in our retail stores makes it difficult for them to be involved. If we can’t get these people into HQ for events and they’ll not read emails then we’ll invest in an app. It’s the cutest and wisest way for us to engage."

Tony Cooke, HR director at Adidas Group

"The Employee Engage App for DFS was created with an aim to connect all 3,600 of our employees based across 130 different locations in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands. With a workforce as diverse and widespread as ours, we previously struggled to ensure all our colleagues had easy access to the same news and information. Now that’s an issue of the past! With all the information they need in one easy to use app, our employees never miss a beat. "

Ilona Anderson, Head of Employee Engagement at DFS

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